Big Brick House Pasta

*Tomato Basil Fettuccine Pasta - 12oz. Non-GMO, Whole Grain and Vegan

We love to pair sauteed chopped bacon, onions and grilled veggies. Topped with chunks of Mozzarella cheese that have been marinated in Olive oil, Garlic, fresh herbs, sprinkle with red pepper flakes before serving. Don't forget to add a garlic rubbed grilled crusty bread. This pasta is perfect for sauces or sauteed with veggies. Boil water, toss in your choice of grilled veggies, stir in olive oil or butter and top with your favorite cheese. How simple is that!

Our fresh flour, tomatoes and basil....... wow 3 ingredients! We remove 33% of water to completely dry our pasta for a economical artisan shelf stable product.


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