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Soaking Salts | Detox

Bentonite Clay along with a variety of salts and essential oils come together to support your immune system and your body's ability to cleanse itself of toxins. Approximately 8oz.USA / Indiana / LaPorte County

Epsom Salt- Not only does it's high mineral content help draw toxins out of the body, it also helps ease feelings of stress. Dead Sea Salt- Contains 21 minerals that help aid our bodies to detox and cleanse. Not only a powerhouse for promoting healthy skin, it's mineral content is fabulous for relaxation. Pink Himalayan Salt- It's high mineral content may help regulate stress hormones and help you relax. Bentonite Clay- Helps remove toxins from your skin and body. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes healing. Essential Oils that help support the body's immune system. *Lemon *Clove *Cinnamon Bark *Frankincense *Eucalyptus Radiata *Rosemary


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