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Crystal Springs Creamery

Heavy Cream Quart

Dairy Products: Milk

Heavy Cream...It's exactly that. Nothing added and nothing taken away! Add it to your coffee or whip it and serve it with fresh berries or on your favorite dessert. Select this item if you have a bottle to return. Please rinse the empty bottle and place it in the bag at your pick up location.USA / Indiana



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Q: Is this from grass fed cows?

A: They are not grass fed however they do get grass in their ration along with canola, wheat midds, corn gluten, grass alfalfa mix, corn silage, plus a grain mineral mix. A nutritionist balances the mix to make sure the cows get a healthy balanced diet.

December 11th, 2019 person_outline Stefanie H.
Q: Is this product homogenized or non-homogenized, and is this product pasteurized or ultra-pasteurized?

A: Our heavy cream is cold separated which results in a high quality cream you can taste the difference. Our cream is not homogenized

December 11th, 2019 person_outline Eric B.
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