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Crystal Springs Creamery

Heavy Cream Quart(I do not have a bottle to return

Dairy Products: Milk

Heavy Cream...It's exactly that. Nothing added and nothing taken away! Add it to your coffee or whip it and serve it with fresh berries or on your favorite dessert. The price on this item includes a $3 deposit for the bottle. To receive the $3 deposit back, next time you order milk select the "I have a bottle to return" listing. Please rinse the empty bottle and place it in the bag at your pick up location.USA / Indiana


Sorry, this product is unavailable in your local market at this time. It is available in the following markets:
  • Michiana
  • IND-Thursday
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    Q: Is this pasteurized? Or ultra pasteurized?

    A: Our milk is not ultra pasteurized. It is vat pasteurized which is a low heat pasteurization. The low heat pasteurization does not kill off enzymes needed in digestion but kills off bad bacteria. Vat pasteurized milk is better for lactose intolerance.

    July 9th, 2020 person_outline Apothica T.
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