Big Brick House Pasta

*Garlic & Herb Linguine Pasta- 12 oz. Non-GMO, Whole grain and Vegan

This very popular flavor is infused with a blend of Roasted Garlic, rosemary, savory, basil, and marjoram for added depth in flavor. Our pasta has a enticing flavor to complement and carry a variety of traditional sauces, oils or butters. Handmade. Homemade. Hoosier made. Award winning egg free pasta made from stone-ground whole grain!

Whole grain flour (non-GMO, chemical-free wheat berries), roasted garlic, dried rosemary, savory, basil, marjoram. 6 servings per bag & each serving has about 10 g of protein, this robust and hearty pasta is well balanced, with a low glycemic index


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