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Micro Farms LLC

Butterhead Lettuce

Fruits & Vegetables: Fresh, Greenhouse, Greens, Hydroponic, No Herbicide, No Pesticide, No Synthetic Fertilizer, Non-GMO

All of our herbs and leafy greens come to you live with roots still attached for longer shelf life and freshness! Take out of bag and rinse off roots. Fill up a coffee cup or small container with water just enough to submerge the roots. Change water every day and squeeze cube to get rid of old water.Store at room temperature or fridge for best shelf life and freshness. Enjoy your salad!USA / Indiana / Marshall County

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Q: FYI about your seeds: they're non-GMO. Johnny's Seeds is an excellent supplier.

A: Yes these are the ones we use.

March 27th, 2020 person_outline Deborah S.
Q: I am interested in your lettuces. I would like to know how big of a head this will be for $2.50 so as to Guage cost effectiveness. How big is a head of the various lettuces? How much do they weigh?

A: Hello and thank you for your interest in Micro Farms. For our live lettuce heads, our butterhead is usually a little smaller in head size but it is very compact. Our summer crisp green is a bigger head and a little compact as well. For our oakleaf it is not as compact but also a bigger head. As far as the weight goes it depends on what head you get. Most heads of lettuce weigh an average of .3 to .5 pounds per head with a cube of roots attached. Thank you for your interest in Micro Farms I hope you get to taste the difference and see how long our lettuce holds up in a fridge or room temperature. Have a wonderful day and thank you for your time.

March 23rd, 2020 person_outline Gennady V.
Q: Do we cut leaves from the top and the lettuce keeps growing?

A: The lettuce won't grow more leaves once you cut its leaves. Great question!

September 20th, 2019 person_outline Jane
Q: Is the foam core the roots are wrapped around by chance compostable?

A: They not compostable they are made out of foam. Please put in trash. Thank you

May 2nd, 2019 person_outline Lydia
Q: Are the level of nutrients different from hydroponic growing vs soil grown produce?

A: They are the same

April 25th, 2019 person_outline Anne
Q: Is your lettuce organic and from non GMO seeds?

A: Our lettuce is not certified organic. We are Global Gap certified which is a the highest certification you can get for controlled growing. Our seeds come from Johnnys Seeds and I am not sure if they are non GMO. We use organic methods to grow. We use rain water and mined fertilizer from the ground. We DO NOT spray our plants with any kind of spray what so ever. We also use beneficial bugs to keep all bad bugs out. I ask you to please do more research on organic products. There are many people that do not follow all the rules to be certified organic. Please be careful as organic growers can spray non organic sprays on plants and still be considered organic. Its in the fine print. Thank you so much for your time and I hope this helps you for the future. Any more questions please ask. Thanks

March 25th, 2019 person_outline Cindy
star star star star star

format_quoteVery large and healthy head of lettuce. Thank you! format_quote

March 27th, 2020 person_outline Andrea P.
star star star star star

format_quoteFresh and delicious!format_quote

March 23rd, 2020 person_outline Clarissa .
star star star star star

format_quoteVery awesome lettuce. format_quote

September 20th, 2019 person_outline Patti O.
star star star star star

format_quoteNice looking head of lettuce. Can't wait to make a salad. Much better looking than what I've seen in the store lately too!format_quote

May 2nd, 2019 person_outline Lindsay B.
star star star star star

format_quoteStays fresh for a couple of weeks if you’re slow. Cut back on food waste. Delicious!format_quote

April 25th, 2019 person_outline Eric M.
star star star star star

format_quoteVery good, stays as fresh as can be for several days. Easy to pick off and make a quick salad. The fact that it's still alive is so enticing! format_quote

March 25th, 2019 person_outline Matthew M.
star star star star star

format_quoteI am obsessed! I used this for lettuce wraps with chicken larb and I kept eating more for the greens than for the meat. Such an excellent value for the quality and I feel great buying local. Ordering two other varieties this week to try!format_quote

December 17th, 2018 person_outline Eva
star star star star star

format_quoteI really like having this lettuce with the roots. I can pick off what I want. It’s tender. And the it seems to have a good shelf life if there are several days that I do not use it. I would highly recommend this grower. format_quote

December 4th, 2018 person_outline Janet
star star star star star

format_quoteI'm getting quite a little garden on my counter. Basil from last week and this wonderful butterhead this week. Both look fresh picked. The lettuce really made a yummy salad!format_quote

August 3rd, 2018 person_outline Dottie
star star star star star

format_quoteThere’s a reason why it’s always sold out. This lettuce is so good! format_quote

July 20th, 2018 person_outline Susan
star star star star star

format_quoteThis lettuce is great and keeps fresh for many days...if you don’t eat it all the night you pick up your order. format_quote

June 22nd, 2018 person_outline Lydia
star star star star star

format_quoteDelicious and perfect to use for wraps. It sits in a bowl of water on the counter and we take off leaves as needed.format_quote

April 3rd, 2018 person_outline Melissa
star star star star star

format_quoteLove this lettuce for fresh sandwiches and wraps!format_quote

March 22nd, 2018 person_outline Heidi Kaufman
star star star star star

format_quoteThis lettuce is the best! Actual buttery flavor and makes excellent salads or perfect on sandwiches! It keeps well! format_quote

March 20th, 2018 person_outline jh
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