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Old Major Market

Black Pepper Bacon

Butcher Shop: Bacon, Hormone & Antibiotic Free, No-MSG, Non-GMO Feed, Pork, Smoked & Seasoned

There is no bacon like Old Major Bacon. Many have said it is “the best damn bacon” and we agree (but we are biased). Old Major Bacon is completely different than any bacon you might buy at the store. We don’t pump our bacon full of water. In-fact, we use a dry brining method to extract water OUT of the pork. This concentrates the pork flavor prior to smoking. We pit smoke our bacon as well with whole logs of Hickory and Cherry to give Old Major Bacon its righteous flavor. This particular bacon is slam packed with fresh cracked tellicherry black pepper. Expect a graveyard of black pepper in your fry pan!USA / Indiana / Marion County

Pork, Salt, Black Pepper, Sugar, Sodium Nitrite

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Q: Is this a pound?

A: Yes

April 9th, 2018 person_outline Kathleen B.
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format_quoteGreat bacon! This is nicely smoked and meaty. Long slices with minimal shrinkage. Love the black pepper, it's definitely present. Great taste! format_quote

April 9th, 2018 person_outline Casey