Organic Bread of Heaven

Gary, IN


We are a family bakery locally in Gary, IN. Our bakery is Certified Organic, CRC Kosher, Nut Free, Soy Free and Certified Vegan. We offer specialty Delicious sandwich breads, bagels and english muffins, sweet breads, cookies, frozen pizzas, granola, and much more!!! You will now be able to enjoy the benefits of having the highest quality fresh breads delivered to you! All of our breads are baked fresh by our family using only the highest quality ingredients! We believe in doing the BEST in all that we do! We make these breads with only the best quality ingredients that we can use from this earth! These are family recipes and just what we believe in and make and eat at home. We thank you for your purchase with us and we hope you and your family will always enjoy Organic Bread of Heaven, Real Bread You Can Trust!! - The Bruno Family Real Bread You Can Trust!! Our Family Bakes Our Breads to be the best not only for you, but they are absolutely delicious, so you and your family can enjoy healthy breads!! Certified Organic Certified Delicious Certified Vegan CRC Kosher Nut Free Soy Free NO GMOS NO Preservatives NO Junk NO Added Gluten NO Chemicals Always Fresh





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