Happy Frog Soap

Patchouli Lime 5-6 ounce Handmade Soap

If you are a patchouli fan, you have to try this wonderful scent. We have combined earthy patchouli essential oil with tart and citrusy lime essential oil for a combination that is so good! We have added alfalfa powder and french green clay to make a cheerful green bar. French green clay also gives the lather a luxurious feel. All of our handmade soaps are specially formulated to be a well balanced soap. This means it is cleansing but won't strip the good oils from your skin like the harsh chemicals found in many commercially produced soaps. Happy Frog soap will last a long time if you store it in a well drained soap dish out of the shower spray. Our bars are a large 5-6 ounces wich is bigger than most handmade soap. If you prefer, you can even cut the soap in half to help it last longer or make it easier to hold in your hand! We recommend using a nylon bath pouf or natural sea sponge to work up a nice lather.

coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, distilled water, lye, castor oil, lime essential oil, patchouli essential oil, alfalfa powder, french green clay


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