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Young Urban Homesteaders

Liquid Peppers RESERVE Hot Sauce Gift Set

Sauces & Condiments: Condiments, Hot Sauce, International, Salt, Sauce, Spices

Three 8oz Bottles. Medium to Hot. Aged at least 9 months. One of each of our flavors: Hot Paper Lantern, Farm Blend 2017, and The Last Stand. We start with hot peppers that we grown in-house. We process each pepper individually by hand before fermenting them in a salt brine. The peppers are then blended down into a sauce and aged for at least 9 months. ​ The result is an ode to simplicity. Fermentation slowly breaks down the sugars in the peppers and leaves a depth and complexity of flavor behind that is unmatched. ​ Fermented. Blended. Bottled. That's it.USA / Indiana / Allen County

Locally-Grown Peppers, Reverse Osmosis Water, Pink Himalayan Salt

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