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Earth's Prime

White "Royal Trumpet" Chili 30 oz.

Entrees, Sides, & Soups: Entrees, Vegan, Vegetarian

This white vegan chili will warm you up! It is the perfect blend of hearty and creaminess with a touch of spice. Local Royal Trumpet mushrooms were used in place of chicken for a knock your socks off flavor without any guilt! 30 oz. Comes Frozen.USA / Indiana / Allen County

Mushrooms, Onion, Northern Beans, Garlic, Garlic Powder, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Stock, Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Cumin, Cayenne Pepper, Salsa Verde, Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Toffuti Sour Cream, Brown Rice Flour.

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Q: is this a spicy chillie. i see some spices added?

A: This is a very very mild chili. It is hearty and earthy, but not spicy.

February 15th, 2019 person_outline debby
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format_quoteThis is an amazing soup. Savory, hearty and thoughtfully seasoned. Loved every bite.format_quote

February 15th, 2019 person_outline Sue
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format_quoteThis soup shouldn't be referred to as a chili. I was expecting it to be a bit more chunky/hearty. It's more like a bisque with a nice amount of mushrooms (not as many as the picture makes it appear). It tastes good, but has a peppery "bite" to it that would probably be a bit much for some. I also wonder if it's high in sodium. Nicely priced. Would help to have nutrition info included.format_quote

February 1st, 2019 person_outline Beth