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Young Urban Homesteaders

ReFresh Produce Bag - Large

Handmades & Crafts: Gifts, Knit, Vegan

Includes: 1 - Large (for tall leafy greens; pictured on bottom) . A reusable produce bag that keeps your produce fresher longer. Made with 100% Organic cotton fabric AND THREAD. 1. Get the bag wet 2. Wring it out 3. Fill with Veggies 4. Place in Fridge. The bag keeps your produce in a humid environment, but allows it to breathe at the same time. We get 2-3 weeks on salad greens. Works for anything that will lose its snap or crunch, anything that wilts: greens, cucumber, zucchini, celery, carrots, peas, beans, herbs. Not recommended for berries. Handmade in Fort Wayne, IN. Machine Washable. 100% Organic Cotton.USA / Indiana / Allen County

100% Organic Cotton


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