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Nick Carter, Market Wagon CEO

More than a Mile: What America Needs from Local Food.

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In this book, co-founder and CEO of Market Wagon, Nick Carter, unpacks a term that's existed loosely in America's vernacular for over a decade: "Local Food." But the term “Local Food” is inconsistently used and poorly defined. Adherents struggle to find any orthodoxy against which they can test new offers. Can I eat Tyson chicken if I’m an Arkansas resident? Is the chocolate shop local if cocoa is sourced from another continent? And do I betray the tenets of the Local Food movement if I buy organic foods, grown sustainably, in another state? In this book, Carter aims to define the term by understanding the problems that “Local Food” promises to solve, allowing us to finally achieve the solutions that we desperately need.


Q: Is this paperback or hardback?

A: Paperback

March 19th, 2019 person_outline Nick C.
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