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Big Brick House Pasta

*Portobello Mushroom Linguine Pasta - 12 oz Non-GMO, Whole Grain and Vegan

Grains, Granola, & Pasta: Non-GMO, Pasta, Vegan, Whole Grain

Fresh Portobello Mushrooms are delivered regularly to have our masterful cook create this unique flavor for your dining pleasure. This is product is also made with a high protein, hard white spring wheat berry. The berries are certified chemical and GMO free. Our pasta and noodles have a delicate flavor to complement and carry a variety of sauces. Toss in Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil or your favorite sauce. The pasta will carry all the flavors to delight you.

Whole grain flour (non-GMO, chemical-free wheat berries), portabella mushrooms (no powder here!). 6 servings per bag & each serving has about 10 g of protein, this robust and hearty pasta is well balanced, with a low glycemic index


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Q: Do you have any idea on carbohydrates per serving ?

A: Great question, Each bag has its own nutritional and slightly different information. The carbs in our products are all complex carbs from our freshly milled whole grain flour. Combine this with the high dietary fibers and protein combine to provide a great fuel souce for your body. Th grain we use provide a great tasting & nutrient dense product.

August 20th, 2019 person_outline Michele Z.
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