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12 Pastured Grade A Large Chicken Eggs

Eggs: Cage Free, Pastured

With Spring approaching our chickens have been moved to new pastures. We exceed USDA and Indiana guidelines for freshness and area for the chickens. Our eggs come from a mix of breeds and will be a variety of colors will be at least large size (65g). The feed for this flock is a conventional layer mix made by Smith Farm, Plymouth. USA / Indiana / LaPorte County

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Q: what exactly are the chickens fed? Is it gmo-free?

A: We maintain 3 seperate flocks. While some of our chickens are fed non-GMO feed, the flock that these eggs come from are fed non-organic, GMO grains from a local feed store. The eggs for sale here are fed a conventional 16% protein layer mix consisting of GMO grains, vitamins, mineral supplements, and oyster shell. The mix is made by Gargill Animal Nutrition ( from Minneapolis and distributed by Smith Farm Stores, Plymouth IN. Unlike the non-GMO flock, to encourage winter production this flock is given a small amount of supplemental lighting.

March 18th, 2019 person_outline mike
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format_quoteThe eggs are pretty and lots of different colors with large and vibrant yolks. format_quote

March 18th, 2019 person_outline