Meet Stacy and Jessi Franco, Owners of 42 Bakery, Indiana's only Licensed Bakery Offering 100% Keto Baked Goods

Aug 8th, 2019

42 Bakery is the passion-project of co-owners Stacy and Jessi Franco. Along with Stacy's daughters Charlee and Tessa, they make up a true family business. They four work together to create delicious, artisan baked goods that are also 100% Gluten-Free, 100% Keto... "and 7000% delicious," they like to add. After trying it, we have to agree.

"I've been baking since I was knee-high to a frog, and there's just no other way of life for me." Stacy says. "Baking is a family legacy, forged in the kitchens of my grandmothers, as they passed down their experience to me." But a career in fitness and nutrition helped Stacy to hone her baking focus in a way that generations past hadn't imagined. "Now, I honor those female ancestors by carrying on their traditions, while modifying the recipes to be celiac and keto. I've been able to marry my need to bake with the needs of my community, and it's that call to serve that fuels my passion."

That desire to serve is a big part of Jessi's passion for the business as well. "Growing a small business gives me a way to help take care of my community." Jessi says. "People need access to nutritious food, and we can provide that. We thrive by providing our neighbors with the food they need."

As Indiana's first and only licensed bakery that provides 100% ketogenic recipes, Stacy and Jessi have found demand for their food from all over the state. That's why they have partnered with Market Wagon to provide online ordering and delivery state-wide. Residents in 40 counties stretching from Evansville to Fort Wayne can get fresh-baked goods from 42 Bakery delivered on